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The publications of the Global Business Dialogue are:

The TTALK Quotes.  These on-line entries are published one to five times each week.  Each begins with a quote and continues with context and often some commentary as well.  You will find the most recent entries at Current Quotes.

THE GBD REPORT is a newsletter written primarily for Members of the Global Business Dialogue and including both updates on GBD developments and activities and articles on trade policy.  This is the latest of the newsletters published by GBD over the years.  The frequency of The GBD Report is still to be decided; so for now we are calling it simply  “occasional.”   To read the full report, click: GBD REPORT – AUG 1 2017

The Work of The Global Business Dialogue
is a four-page description of the Global Business Dialogue.  For the current version of this publication, click:  CHANGING THE CONVERSATION – SEPT 2017.





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