TPP, AFTER APEC – November 16, 2017


With Reflections on ASEAN and RCEP

November 16, 2017

This GBD colloquium, held at the National Press Club in Washington on Thursday, November 16, 2017, followed a series of important, high-level meetings in Asia.  Among these were the APEC Leaders’s meeting in Vietnam and the ASEAN Summit in the Philippines.  The period was a significant one for two major regional trade negotiations, TPP-11 (now the Comprehensive Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership or CPTPP) and RCEP.  The results of these meetings were reviewed by:


David Brightling, Counsellor for Trade at the Embassy of Australia in Washington, D.C.

Wendy Cutler, Vice President and Managing Director of the Washington Office of the Asia Society Policy Institute.  Ms. Cutler is a former senior U.S. trade negotiator, whose positions included (Acting) Deputy U.S. Trade Representative.

Andrew Durant, Managing Director of Samuels International Associates, Inc.   Mr. Durant served as the moderator for the event.

Marc Mealy, Vice President, U.S. -ASEAN Business Council.

Atsushi Yamakoshi, Executive Director of Keidanren USA.  Keidanren is the Japan Business Federation.

The links in the above list are to short biographical notes on each of these speakers.


The  links below take you  to the seven mp3  recordings, which  together constitute a full audio record of the proceedings at this November 16 event.  These segments, in the order in which they occurred, are as follows:

A Welcome from R. K. Morris, president of the Global Business Dialogue;

Introductory remarks by Andrew Durant of Samuels International Associates, Inc. ;

Presentation by David Brightling from the Embassy of Australia;

Presentation Atsushi Yamakoshi, Executive Director, Keidanren-USA;

Presentation of Wendy Cutler, former USTR official and Managing Director of the Washington Office of the Asia Society Policy Institute;

Presentation by Marc Mealy, Vice President for Policy, U.S.-ASEAN Business Council; and

The concluding General Discussion/Q&A. 



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