Welcome to the Global Business Dialogue,  GBD, a membership association for those who care about trade policy–companies, trade associations, embassies, law firms and others.    GBD’s principal tasks are to highlight important perspectives on international trade and investment,  to foster understanding of the rules and realities that govern global commerce today, and to bring to the fore the issues and decisions that will shape it in the years ahead.

OUR NEXT EVENT will be …

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This is scheduled for April 25, 2018, (8:30 to 10:30 a.m) at the National Press Club in Washington.  The title link above will take you to the announcement for this event, with speakers and registration options.

OUR LAST EVENT on March 23, 2018, was…

A World of Maple Leaves:
A Conversation on 
Canada’s Global Trade
Carrie Goodge O’Brien
Counsellor for Trade Policy
Embassy of Canada

This was an off-the-record lunch for GBD members, hosted by Steptoe & Johnson.   Ms. Goodge O’Brien’s remarks and the ensuing conversation dealt with a range of issues, beginning with Canada’s trade policy objectives in negotiations from TPP to NAFTA and including responses to  concerns  of businesses affected by those negotiations.

From The TTALK Quotes 


“I kind of came away with the opinion that they’ll do anything legal or illegal, anything moral or immoral, anything ethical or unethical to do whatever it takes to get ahead and stay ahead.”

Sen. Chuck Grassley
April 11, 2018

This is the start of a recent entry in GBD’s series of quotes, comments, and observations known as the TTALK Quotes.  Click here for the full entry.

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This is but the start of a reconstruction and enhancement of the Global Business Dialogue website, www.gbdinc.org.  In a sense, it is premature to put it on line now.  We are doing it because we want everyone who is interested to have access to the three things this page contains: i)  a statement of what GBD is, ii) information on the next GBD event, and iii) the start of the most recent TTALK Quote.

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